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You have a great business idea and a world-class business plan. You are ready to start raising capital, but how do you go about it? And once you finally receive funding, what are the next steps? What are the dangers and opportunities ahead?

Krogger provides personalised, trusted and impartial advice to help our clients answer these questions.

Winning Business Ideas (copy)

Key Value Drivers

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Winning Business Ideas (copy)

Avoid the Trap

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Krogger is the trusted advisor of a selected number of entrepreneurs and CEOs. We help them navigate the challenging world of capital raising and provide advice on the initial stages of their company’s formation.

Our areas of expertise include:

Capital Raising Advisory – We work closely with our clients to manage their capital raising efforts, focusing on planning, investor pitches and negotiations

Advisory for the First 12 Months – Krogger acts as exclusive advisor to the CEO and/or the Board to help them institutionalise those functional tools needed to build the foundations of a thriving company

Intellectual Property Protection – Krogger provides high quality, trustworthy legal advice on copyright, trademark and industrial design protection, so our clients can pursue their objectives with confidence


We specialise in capital raising and “first 12 months” advisory services. We share the passion our clients have for starting something new and we are highly motivated by the opportunity to witness our clients’ ideas becoming a reality.

We like to believe that we bring a high degree of professionalism to areas that have historically been stricken by underwhelming service alternatives or neglect from larger consulting organisations.

Krogger advisory services are different. In contrast with other alternatives: 

We are truly professional advisors – We work for our clients on an exclusive basis and impose onto ourselves a fiduciary responsibility to them. Our main objective is to maximise the value of your company by becoming your trusted advisor during your capital raising efforts and first stages of your operations.

The market is dominated by “brokers”, who usually just provide introductions (most go nowhere) but let clients feeling lost when facing the task of raising capital. Krogger on the other hand, helps clients every step of the way.

We tell it like it is – As your trusted advisors, we strive to remain unbiased in our recommendations. Our approach is critical and objective and therefore we are prepared to challenge you if we believe your course of action needs to change or needs improvement. We are not “yes” men. We tell it like it is.

We focus on what we do best – We are advisors to clients on highly strategic issues around capital raising and business formation. This is what we do and what we do best. Although our engagements are highly collaborative and require us to be hands on, we don’t impose and we don’t manage for you. This is your company and you are the decision maker. We are here to provide you with the advice and tools to make more informed and better decisions.

We have well-defined deliverables – Many advisors promote their services without a concise definition of what they do for you. It all becomes too fuzzy and difficult to monitor, and therefore you end-up lost when it comes to understand what are you really getting for your money.

At Krogger we operate differently. We are upfront and transparent. Before any advisory engagement commences, we spend time designing a consulting arrangement that works for you and in particular we let you know, a priori, what deliverables you can expect from us.

We are aligned to your interests – At Krogger, we believe that we succeed only when our clients are successful. Our ambition is to become your trusted advisor and so, we approach every project as if your company was our company. This is why as part of our compensation structure we sometimes offer alternatives that combine our fees with equity in our clients’ businesses, success fees and other arrangements that reflect our alignment with your objectives.

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