First 12 Months

The First 12 Months

What you do in the initial stages after launch, pretty much determines whether your company will be around or not in the future. You better get it right the first time around.

Krogger specialises in hands-on advisory to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive managers navigating the challenges of the first 12 months after launching a business or project. We focus on working closely with our clients’ organisations to design and institute key functional tools and processes required to build the strong foundations of a thriving company, today and in the future.

Our advisory services not only cater to start-ups and first time entrepreneurs. Incidentally, a large proportion of our clients are well established companies that have lost their north and benefit enormously by getting back to basics with our help.

Each company is unique and therefore the tools required and their construct differ from one client to the other. Krogger develops tailor-made solutions that directly respond to the needs of each client and form the basis of what we call bespoke business functionality programme.

Krogger’s Bespoke Business Functionality Programme is designed to enable best management practices to help you and your team:

Focus on activities, not only ideas (i.e. getting things done).
Exert proper control over your company (i.e. steer the business to where you want).
Build competitive advantages over time (i.e. seize opportunities and thwart threats faster than the competition)

Krogger’s Bespoke Business Functionality Programme focuses on six dimensions.

 The First 12 Months

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Although some of our clients require our advice on one or two dimensions only, we are typically engaged to implement all six of them, which takes approximately 12 months. In this way, we usually dedicate around 2 months per dimension, giving you and your team enough time to fully understand and adopt each functionality. Which dimension has priority, is dictated by you and the current situation of your company, but we are able to work on various dimensions simultaneously and in compressed timeframes according to your needs.

Once one dimension has ben implemented, it is expected that the company continues working on it in a repetitive process, so it becomes part of the day to day operations and eventually a “corporate habit” that will change the way you manage your company forever.

Everything we do during the implementation of the Bespoke Business Functionality programme requires the full involvement of the CEO, the Board and/or senior management. The deployment of these functionalities resides with you and your team, as it should be – however, we will be with you and your company, every step of the way.