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So, you already have a business plan? Congratulations, you are ahead of 80% of start-ups trying to come to market every year . . . but are you ahead of the other 20%?

Krogger’s Business Plan Makeover services help our clients take their existing plans to the next level, so they can be front of the pack.


At Krogger, we recognise that some proportion of our clients have taken the sensible step of preparing a business plan either on their own or with the help of traditional business plan providers. Although these plans include some valuable elements, in our experience, they tend to be incomplete, of sub-optimal quality or great in form but flawed in content.

This doesn’t mean that what our clients have done before is lost. By building upon our expertise, we can leverage selectively on our clients’ existing business plans and dramatically improve them. In most cases, we can take your existing material and bring it to the appropriate standard after only a couple of iterations.

In addition, we also offer updating services to bring your research up to date, refresh your financial model with new inputs and make minor amends to your existing business plan.


Unlike some other providers, we are strong believers in efficiency and are aware of the dangers of professional pride. We recognise when an analysis or business plan is of high quality, regardless of who wrote it – there is no need to reinvent the wheel and if we come across quality material, we will let you know even if that means that our fees will be impacted.

Our business plan makeover services were born in response to the chronic low quality we’ve seen in business plans out there and our belief that we are very well positioned to improve them.

We will be as critical and ruthless on your existing business plan as we are with our own. Our main interest is that our clients receive a world-class business plan, regardless of how it started.