Business Plan Writing

Business Plan Writing

For a business project to become a reality, a well-written, professional business plan is imperative. At Krogger, we follow a systematic, proprietary approach to write business plans that are geared towards taking our clients’ ideas to their full potential.


We write world-class business plans. We work with our clients to develop documents that truly reflect what’s unique and exciting about their ideas. We fully research our clients’ markets and derive powerful insights that drive the key differentiators of their products and services. We build realistic, actionable and dynamic financials that capture the capital raising needs of our clients, but more importantly that highlight the opportunity that lays ahead of them and their potential investors.

At Krogger, we challenge our clients. Not only will you get a professional business plan that will exceed your expectations, but also you will end up with a stronger business case and heightened confidence to raise capital and execute on your plan.

We like to believe that our clients embark on a journey when we work together. We like to believe that what we do goes beyond a business plan.


Our business plans are modular in nature and dynamically integrated. Although each component is important in its own and adds value on isolation, its true impact comes from the interrelation that it has with other parts of the business plan.

Generally speaking, our business plans have three modules:


Krogger has access to many of the top data and market research providers in the market. We use these sources to draw actionable conclusions and insights that shape our clients’ business plans and not only “copy/paste” statistics as some other providers do.

Appropriate research is paramount to the development of a good business plan. It sheds light onto significant factors that determine what sort of business you have and how to execute on your plan successfully.

How big is your market? Is it growing or declining? Who’s your target market? Who are your main competitors? How fragmented is the industry you are trying to operate in? – At Krogger we try to answer these questions to drive key decisions around your business. For example, the size of the market and its growth rate logically determine how large your business can be and how fast can it grow. Or perhaps, it can help you determine which geography you should focus on or what marketing strategy actually works for a given market segment. All these are fundamental issues that you need to know before launching your business or project. Proper research is the tool.

Financial Model

Potentially the most important component of a business plan, a good financial model reflects how much money you require before and after launching your business, the level of revenues and profit you expect and ultimately what is the return you and your investors will enjoy.

Most financial models out there are static and cannot be easily modified, when the reality is that your business and therefore the inputs to your financial model change all the time. At Krogger, we understand this and therefore we build models that are fully dynamic (i.e. you can easily change practically all variables), seamlessly integrated (i.e. your changes are automatically reflected in all financial statements) and easy to understand (we always show our clients how to use our models).

Our models are sophisticated but easy to use. Krogger’s modelling professionals come from bulge-bracket investment banking M&A teams, so the quality and detail of our models are par to none. In addition, our models automatically produce all reports and financial statements that any professional investor requires.

Krogger’s Business Plans Modules

Krogger’s Business Plans Modules

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Core Business Plan Write-Up

The main body of the document – the core business plan – fleshes out all the details of your business idea: what is it, how does it work, how does it make money, who’s the management team, what’s your strategy and what are your plans for the long term. In a nutshell, what is the investment opportunity.

Krogger plans are completely bespoke and consequently their tone is tailored to the audience they are intended for (equity investor, bank, regulator, internal teams, board of directors, etc.). We aim to be comprehensive, but we don’t over do it. We produce plans that are clear, impactful, concise and at the same time that are filled with all those details that make your business different, thus satisfying the most inquisitive of investors and general readers' questions.

Given our dynamically integrated approach, the vast majority of our clients engages us for our business plan writing services in their entirety. However, we also offer these services on a modular basis if this is what our clients require.

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At Krogger we follow a 4-step proprietary approach to business plan writing.

First, we spend time with our clients understanding their ideas, motivation, objectives and more importantly the intricacies of their businesses and their market. These discovery sessions are interactive face to face meetings that give us the tools to understand what you need and translate it into a business plan. We will ask plenty of questions and will probably challenge your thinking right away to make sure the business idea stands on its own and to identify those areas that require more work.

Once the discovery phase is complete, our experts will endeavour to write a first draft of the business plan. This is the core phase of the process and is as interactive as our clients need it to be. Our experience indicates that it is far more efficient to start writing and discuss with our clients over something that is in black and white, than spending time getting it 100% right before writing the first word. In this sense we are doers. We don’t forget that our objective is to deliver a world-class plan and therefore we start writing immediately.

During this phase we are in constant contact with our clients and they can be as involved in the process as they want, but we never deliver “incomplete” work. Our drafts are meant to be final versions, subject to your comments and fine tuning. This phase typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks, but can be completed as fast as in one week when urgency is of importance.

Krogger’s Four Steps to Write a Business Plan

Krogger’s Four Steps to Write a Business Plan

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Upon delivery of the first draft, we expect our clients to read, analyse and “play” with the business plan and model. The fine-tuning phase allows Krogger to make all the changes the client requires. After all, no one knows more about your business than you. We strive to give you something you feel is yours from the beginning and although we rarely make technical mistakes, there is always space for improvement.

Finally, once our clients are happy with the final version of the plan, they are ready to take ownership of it. At this point, Krogger would have provided clients with all the tools required to keep on changing their plans if desired, as well as the materials, resources and back up analyses that Krogger used to write the business plan.

Naturally, our involvement does not end there. We remain available to respond to any questions you may have on the plan, the financial model or even your plans for the near future. Our relationship with our clients is long-term and we are always one phone call or e-mail away.