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We help our clients make better deal decisions by performing in-depth valuation analyses to support their negotiations.

Be it raising cash in exchange for shares or assessing the potential sale price for an established company, Krogger’s valuae assessments enable our clients take the next step with confidence.


We use a combination of corporate finance theory and market-specific inputs to calculate the fair value of start-ups and established businesses alike.

We develop a full understanding of our clients’ businesses, their achievements to date and their projections, to ascertain the true value of their companies under different scenarios.

Naturally, significant emphasis is made on historical (if any) and projected financials, as well as on determining the appropriate value metrics relevant to each company. In this sense, our value assessments entail the preparation of sophisticated financial models, based on the financial information provided by our clients, or if required, prepared in conjunction with our consultants.


Krogger’s valuation experts come from some of the leading investment banks and corporate finance boutiques. Valuation is their core skill and have performed a large number of assessments in the context of a wide array of transactions across most industries.

We approach value assessments by using all 4 major analytic tools to determine value, which is then adjusted for the impact of what we call value modifiers. Analysing a company from all these different angles ensures that the indicative valuation generated is sound and in line with the realities of the market today and the specifics of our clients’ businesses.

Krogger’s Valuation Methodology

Krogger’s Valuation Methodology

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Value assessment services of this quality are only available from the leading financial institutions in the world, which charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to large corporations. As a lean, non-hierarchical organisation solely focused on specific advisory roles, Krogger can offer these same services to entrepreneurs and small/medium clients for just a fraction of the cost.