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Value Creation

At Krogger, we help our clients determine the potential value of their companies in the future. We work with them to identify and concentrate on the key drivers behind this value creation. Most companies have more control over their own value over time than what they think.


Once the current value of a company has ben determined, we apply cutting-edge forecasting techniques to estimate the potential value of its operations in the future. The core of our forecasting work ties operational metrics with potential equity value by performing regression-based analyses.

This forms the base of different scenarios, where clients can assess the impact of key value drivers, which are unique to each particular company.

By distilling the drivers that have the most impact on value, Krogger provides clients with a very powerful tool to dictate the future of their companies. Focusing on the variables that truly affect value on the day to day operations, establishes true north for clients that had previously seen company value as a distant concept.


As with everything we do at Krogger, our value creation services follow a systematic, structured approach. Our aim is always to ensure that you can fully understand what we do for you and more critically that you can use it.

Our value creation methodology follows 4 well defined steps with the goal of generating a practical value creation report that our clients can use in conjunction with their business plan

Krogger’s Value Creation Methodology

Value Creation

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