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Krogger has extensive experience working across the full business evolution spectrum. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start a new business, a small company trying to grow or an established business in search for new ideas and improved profitability, our services can help you make things happen.



Established companies face unique challenges that are dictated by the market, competition and consumers. This is true for both entrepreneurs and small companies as well, but established businesses deal with an additional level of complexity that is the result of their organisational inertia and the way they have historically done things. At Krogger, we are familiar with these intricacies given our background, which also includes corporate management consulting, and are unequivocally well qualified to advise established companies on their most critical issues .

If you are the CEO or senior manager of an established company, our services can help you in the following ways:

Business Plans – Be it launching a new product, entering into a new market or transforming your business from the ground up, a professional business plan is a fundamental blueprint to execute on your strategy. Our business plan services are well-researched, comprehensive and practical. Let our expertise help you give form to your new ideas, socialise your projects within your organisation and serve as a guide for flawless execution.

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Valuation – Why spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an investment bank or accounting firm, when you can access corporate finance advice of the same or superior quality for a fraction of the cost. Let our valuation expertise support your corporate agenda.

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Advisory – We provide insightful and practical advice on a wide variety of corporate issues with a “start-up flavour”. We don’t embroider our work with unnecessary and endless presentations and reports. We just do. Let our advisory services bring a fresh perspective into your planning and help you achieve your desired results.

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